I dont know what to do anymore :-/?

so i met this girl and normally text her and stuff but i dont know what to do now after she replied back with the text below...

"home life got very bad and thinking about it I'm not any place to see anyone and i don't wanna lead you on when I'm not even sure this early. sorry"


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  • "It's cool.", easy.

    • any advice?

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    • and not speak to her again?

    • Let it ride. It will die on it's own and you can be minor support for a few days while it does. You get to be remembered as a mild hero versus that error.

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  • I'm sorry this happened to you. Right now she's in a really tough spot (as you've said.) If you really like her and care about her, be there for her and try to help her through this mess. Support her and stuff. If you don't want to wait, move on. If she sees that you care for her and help her, maybe in the future you guys can have a relationship. For now though, if she's having family problems, you can't do much to help that situation, best thing you can do is just be a good guy and be patient. Hope it works out for you.


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  • Keep it player bro seriously say exactly this "true, I understand and appreciate you being straight forward. Hope everything gets better for you" she will be thinking about u all day n will recontact u

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