Boy next door. He would not text first, but if I invite him at last minute for dinner or midnight snack, he would come right away?

So I have known this guy who lives very close to me for like a month. First he texted me for like a few days. We met a couple of times after work. Then he stopped for 2 weeks until I texted him again. I asked him down for midnight snack, and he came right away. He said "We should go for a movie or hang out sometimes." We ended up making out that night. He said he would check a movie and text me later, but he never did. Until I texted him for dinner again, and he came right away. We also had a couple of drinks, then we ended up in his bed. But we did not go all the way yet. And again he would not text me until I texted him.

I have no idea what is between us now. Does he have any interest? How do I get him to be more proactive?


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  • Cuz he thinks he is getting "apple pie" for desert


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