Why did he say this? I can't stop crying?

I asked my ex if he wants to try and make things work with me. I explained I miss him and that's he is important to me so I want us to try. He responded "that's fair enough" then I said "so you don't want to be with me anymore?" And he responded "what does it matter, it really doesn't if you want to move on then go ahead" I know it speaks for himself but I need to hear it from someone else.

I'm broken and he doesn't seem to care.

We have been broken up a week...


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  • give him a break when you talk to him be kind dont mentiion any fights dont put pressure on him

    • I would just prefer to move on, because the way I feel now im scared to feel like this again. I didn't no any one person could destroy me like this. I just wanted to know how he felt and he's being so cold toward me so clearly he couldn't care less. Thanks for your input

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    • Lol I know I will but it's a shit feeling lol thanks hun 😊

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  • Sounds like he's hurt too. Could it be a miscommunication? You said you explained you wanted to "try," but was it stated in clear language that you mean "try to make the relationship work again," or could there be room for his misunderstanding like "try {to stay away from each other}."?

    • No I said I love him, I wanted to try again with him. It was made pretty clear that I want him back. I will give him space to think and reflect, we just broke up a week ago so maybe he needs to think about what he really wants. I just miss him and everything about him.

  • not sure, try talking to him.


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