Ladies which guy would you rather date?

Yes I know personality is the most important part of relationships trust but just pick one.
And why?

Fo me I would choose the average guy because I find then very hot and sexy. I don't like the hunky men or guys with six packs. They turn me off. I've even rejected them.

  • Good-looking/hunk/six pack abs
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  • Average guy/chubby or scrawny thin
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  • Fat
    Vote C
  • Toned
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What Girls Said 2

  • a guy with an average body can be good looking, there are even some good looking chubsters. but im gonna pick the guy with the best looks first then go ffrom there

    • I know right. how dare I value attraction in men?
      I mean that's totally different than you saying you find average men sexy and that's why you pick them first and reject other guys, or did you forget you wrote that?

  • I prefer skinny/normal guys but all body types are perfectly fine and wouldn't be a deal breaker (but tbh when a guy has sooo much muscle its not as attractive to me)