How do you get a guy to go out with you?

Like I am stuck in the friend zone and I have been here like 9years since 1st grade and I am in 9th now and he likes me but every keeps saying he is to scared to ask me out because I might say no even though I will say yes but he does not know that

I do not want to scare him away by asking him out


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  • Why can't you make the first move?

    • I don't want to scare him away or even brake our friend ship he is one of my best guy friends

    • Maybe he is scared too

    • Thanks I think I will

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  • You have to ask him.. If you know he likes you asking him is the best thing to do. It would not scare him at all.

  • He's way more scared than you are. Trust be, you'll be doing him a favour by asking him.


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