Why are some girls on dating sites so sensitive to what guys say?

Why are some women on dating sites so sensitive to what guys say on dating sites? And I mean sensitive to the smallest shit.

For example, I've had times where I'd talk to girls for a few days to a week and then I'd ask what they like to do for fun? How school/work's going or something else that's not creepy or even hitting on them and then all of a sudden they just stop talking to you. Today I was gonna go on a date and the girl asked if we wanted to meet at 11 yesterday so we talked for a little bit. Then I eventually asked her if she uses Facebook and got no response. I then texted her today if she was still down for meeting and got no response. I'm not trying to say I'm entitled to anything but I don't know what I did wrong.

Not trying to be one of those "I'm nice why don't girls like me" types but it just doesn't make sense why some of them pull a 180 over small shit like that. It feels like I have to scrutinize and analyze every word I say because one tiny mistake could screw up my chances. I also think since it's talking online or through texting, the tone isn't conveyed and it might be taken the wrong way.


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  • It's always better to meet people in person. It's very likely there's a lot of guys that do the same thing or are lokey hitting on a girl or want to meet them like you have been trying to do. As a girl we get a lot of negative attention from men that come off at first as saying sweet things like "Hey how was your day" or "you're looking beautiful girl" "hey girl can I get your number" Men that want and disrespect girls for sex come off as nice guys too. Set yourself apart from the other mentally filtered guys and talk about things that actually interest you. Girls appreciate real conversations cause it shows that you value their opinion and respect their mind. You're interested in talking to them and that makes you interesting, girls you bore are going to ignore.

    • It definitely is better to meet people in person. But there's pros and cons about both. My thing about meeting girls in person is the only place I go where there's women is usually bars. Sometimes I'll meet girls through friends but that has only led to hookups at most.

      There are lots of attractive women there, but approaching random women at bars is considered creepy no matter what you say or have a good conversation. It makes no sense because guys are expected to make the first move, but that's also considered creepy.

      Yeah that's a shame because there are guys like me who are legitmately looking for a relationship and guys who come off nice at first but have ulterior motives later on ruin it for us.

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  • It's not you... you have to be aware that any conversation you have virtually can be tricky but tones and vibes don't come across. I don't know what's up with that girl but it's not you.

    • We actually ended up meeting in person, but it didn't work out because she told me she met another guy through her friend and had no interest. It was probably for the best because she told me she was in NA and rehab for heroin. While I give her credit for being honest and seeking help, I don't know if she could start using at any point and she needs to go through rehab and NA first before dating. I've had friends get into that crap and cut them out of my life as a result. Don't need that issue with someone I date.

    • Totally agree with you :)

  • if they have no intention to talk to u they can stop for anythng. this is not ur mistake

    • Yeah, but it's just shitty that some would lead you on and then end it out of nowhere. I mean the girl I was gonna meet up today asked to meet up today and then flaked. It's like I'd rather have been rejected up front then do this shit. But is asking if she uses Facebook bad or creepy?

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    • me too feel envious... but. life cannot be perfect maybe ur family is better their relationships anothers career. I think point is when u found the true person which is close to ur chemistiry and make u feel home dont lose it. forget proud and just go on.

    • this song is for us and people like us :D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P27MPi3ZhCg

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  • Some girls are just like that and are looking for an excuse to not date you. If they are that nit picky they are to high maintenance or as I say, in their own mind rather than in reality.

    • Yeah that could be that they are very high maintenance or just very fickle. After all, they get their pick of the litter easier.

  • thats just women dude.

  • Welcome to Dating.

    • Yeah, I'm aware it happens all the time but when it happens so often to you it makes you wonder if you're the problem and you need to change your approach.

    • Nope. It's not you.

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