I do not date white guys. I work with mainly white people. I prefer black men. Should I visit an area that my friend told me about?

I'm mixed race. (Black and white) both of my parents are African American with French and black background but due to the craziness of genes I somehow managed to come out looking like what America sees as a Latina. I pretty much get mistaken for Latina all the time. Think jlos features lol

Anyways it at first started as a joke. I told my white friend if she wanted to trade jobs because I work with mainly white men and some of them are cute but they are not my type

She told me she does not date white guys either.

I have another friend who goes to uni and she is black and she says on Facebook that she sees a lot of sophisticated and and classy black men

Should I visit that neigborhood good since most of the men nearby where I work who come in do not fit my type?

I'm not looking to date right now but I am starting to realize what I want in a man and what I find attractive


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  • Do it if that's what floats your boat


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