i don't know if this is just paranoia, but 2 hours ago I was talking to the girl I like on the phone. 3 mins in the convo, she said that'd she had to go, and she'd call me back. What do you know, she hasn't called me back.

We're supposed to go out tomorrow for the whole day. What do I do? Does this mean, that this is some way she's trying to avoid the date. She told me earlier today, that she was excited for it.

Oh god, she just texted me saying that she can't go bowling tomorrow, but she says I can go home with her tomorrow and hang out. What should I do!


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  • Whoa, chill out a little. First of all, if that situation happens again just be patient and if you don't hear back from her after an hour or so send a text asking if she was ok. If you can't text then just drop it and ask her if everything was alright the next day.

    Since she said she can't go on your date but still wants to hang out you should just say "sure that is cool is everything ok?"... Go with the flow and don't think the worst. If she wasn't actually excited she wouldn't lie and say she was.


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  • no. her sister or family is probably there or her phone is being gay. just wait. she'll call and if she doesn't don't worry about it because she might have a situation that you are unaware of. just go on your date like normal and if she doesn't bring it up say something. don't be mean just be why didn't you call back. she might tell you a story and start a convo. if she says sorry I forgot then say. ok I was just making sure that nothing bad happened

    • She just told me that she couldn't go. She wants me to go home with her! I don't know what to do!!

    • What do you mean go home with her? I'm confused

    • She said she can't go out with me tommorow, but she ssaid that I was more than welcome to hang out at her home with her tommoreow

  • thats awsome. don't freak out. go home with her. this means her parents most likely won't be home. and if they are she will take you to a quite place and then I think you know. this is great not bad

    • No, her FAMILY is taking me from church, to her house. Her family will be there. What do I do?

    • Go with them. meet her family make them like you. its ALLWAYS good to have the family on your side. then like I said she's gunna take you away from everybody most likely. think of it as a normal date tell her to show you around her house and when she takes you to a quiet place more than likely her room. make a move. make it fast and don't delay. itll be a small window and you have to take advantage of it. forget about her family. that's not a big deal. just get her alone. that's your only focus

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