Guys, have u ever text a girl while on a date?

So I randomly text my guy friend, and he said he was on a blind date but wasn't going well she was kinda boring. I said "sorry, bad timing" and he was like" No way, the texting is the highlight of this." And we continued to text throughout his date. My question is, does he like me and maybe wish I was there instead or he was just bored... have u ever text a girl u didn't rely like when on a date?


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  • *said in non racial black lady voice* Ok honey listen up, if this man thinks he can go texting other girls while on a date he's got another thing comin'. He needs to treat that girl with respect, no matter how damn boring she is. A man who doesn't treat a women with respect, well he ain't no man an' he dont deserve nobodys love.

    Also if it can be hard to just ask someone if they want more out of a relationship. I couldnt do it! You just have to ask yourself if you like him. If the answers yes than show more signs (like buy a billboard, us guys are pretty much blind). If the answers no then forget about it and tell him the advice given above.


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  • I don't text but if you want to know if he wants more with you then ask him


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