Why do men get into relationships with the bitchy, cheating, deceitful girl? Do they do it because she is attractive?

I have guy friends who always complain to me after they had a relationship and broke it off

And then I have attractive Female friends who are nice girls and they end up getting hurt or the guy realizes after years of being in a relationship with a girl they complain about finally get with the nice girl.

I have seen this in my life so many times
And it's sad that a guy has to date a girl who treats him bad and takes years to realize he is with the wrong girl

I also noticed when I was mean I was in a relationship


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  • Not all MEN do it, just a select few. Why do WOMEN generalize things... see how that works not all women do that just misguided ones. Same as guys not all men do that just misguided ones. by the way I only read the question not the rest. media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lk9718z7cH1qadnhx.gif

  • you girls do EXACTLY the same with the bad boys!
    So perhaps we can naswer both; assertiveness an physical attraction. That's my theory at least.

  • This can only mean that some men are stupid.
    They don't realize they're on a good thing with a non-bitchy girl.
    They tolerate a bitchy girl for far too long. They're usually not so bitchy at the start, but it doesn't take long to show.

  • Everyone thinks they are a victim, and that they were a better boyfriend or girlfriend than they really were. I would say this is the majority of the problem.


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  • Relationships are not easy and people are not always right for each other. We don't know what's going on in other people's relationship. From all you know, those friends could be the mean one and your single friends could also be bitchy in a relationship. Sometimes it just doesn't work, doesn't mean a girl you consider bitchy is, she might not be happy with the guy, might have problems. it's not necessarily to judge so quickly

    • You are wrong my friends told me the girls they were in relationships were bitchy
      So do not say "you" when I got this information from my friends

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    • I'm not. I'm just saying you're taking a side and you have to be a little more open about a situation because when it doesn't work it's not just because the girl is a bitch or the guy is an ass. It's more complicated than that.

    • Challenge asker to think from a different viewpoint and get blasted in the face by asker. Smfh.

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