Have my best friend and I gone from friends to dating without ever going on a date?

We were close in HS and we have taken our lumps and dated some sketchy people. Well we go to college together and we met up last night and she was in my apartment watching tv. She started to cuddle and rub my chest. I took it farther and rubbed her upper thigh and we layed down in my bed. She spent the night and slept on top of me and it felt right but I don't know if she was just comfortable with me or made a move.



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  • Some girls would do this with a guy who's just a friend, but it's usually a girl who doesn't mind getting close to guys like that who aren't her boyfriend. So if she's usually cuddly touchy feely type, it could just be friends still. If not, I'd say yes she's definitely on it.

    • she's bkt they touchy type she's actually the ultimate vitgin and doesn't like being touched by guys and she let me touched I went with it.

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    • If things don't work out, just end it before it drags out into a bad breakup, and you can probably still maintain the friendship after. It's unlikely you'd have a bad break up though, because you're already best friends and know each other well and what each other expect in a relationship so if you're both thoughtful of each other you won't hurt each other.

    • I hope so I just don't want to mess thing uo cause I've been known to do so lol.

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