I think I am developing feelings for my friend? Help?

I've got this female friend and we get on really well and I like having her as a mate because she's funny and it's nice to have female friends as well as guy friends. I was never interested in her before at all and it hadn't crossed my mind.

However, this guy visited her this weekend and when she told me she was starting to develop feelings for him I suddenly felt kind of sick and I had this feeling of jealousy when I saw them link arms. I thought it was just because the guy is a bit of a knob and she had a boyfriend last year but I didn't care at all.
Please help me, I don't want to have feelings for her, I want to continue being friends. How can I stop feeling this way?

How can I stop being interested in her?
Does nobody know what I can do?


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  • Stop talking to her or tell her how you feel

    • I can't tell her how I feel because she might just avoid me and I'll freak her out. I don't want to be in a relationship with her, I want to be her friend. Do you think maybe I am just jealous of her being with someone else but I don't like her like that? I've never thought of her in that way before and the thought of doing things with her grosses me out.

    • Actually, false alarm. I don't think I am into her at all as I can't imagine doing anything sexual with her, freaks me out a bit. I just think she's making a mistake.

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  • Don't be around her as much. The more u c her the stronger your feelings are going to get.

    • Nah it's cool. I have realised I didn't have any feelings for her after all. It was just like that because she was with this odd guy that she should definitely not date (he's very very creepy). I can't imagine me and her doing anything sexual, seems weird to me so we are definitely staying just friends. Thank you anyway!

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