When a girl tells you that you make her happy?

I've been dating this guy for a while and he's been taking a lot of effort for me. But I feel very shy to tell him that I appreciate whatever he's doing because it will seem that I'm easy. I heard that guys like hard to get girls who are mysterious. But I just can't play hard to get anymore by that I mean I always wait for him to text first or ask for a date. I never initiate anything.

Should I just tell him that's he's awesome and I feel so happy when I'm with him and that I'd love to meet him more frequently?


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  • I'd drop a girl hat is too distant and hard to love. I don't like game players.

    Sure I'd stick round to crack the code and have sex. But fudge it, after that I want an easy loving gal that is open and comfortable to be around. But that is just me. Maybe there are some guys that are like you mention asker. But if you find a distant guy and marry him you can never be yourself... can you?


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  • the only guys i know that like 'hard to get girls' are the ones with a huge ego! personally i dont like it at all if i can tell that she's playing hard to get. at the end of the day, whats the point? if thats what you feel, just tell him. if he really likes you he'll definitely like to hear it and might even have the initiative to ask you out more often


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