What to do after a guy stands you up on the first date?

This guy i'm into goes to the same place i go to kick box, we see each other often and he is into me too, we flirt , we kiss each other on the cheek to say goodbye, we talk daily... and then i asked him out to go watch a movie on a Saturday night and he never showed up after i asked him the day before if he was sure that it's still on... what should i do? should i give him another chance?

I guess i would give him a chance if he had a good reason for not showing up.. anything could have happened so i have to stay open minded to it


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  • Why didn't he apologize... profusely?

    I say he is a shithead... move on. He had his mf'ing chance.

    • Shouldn't I give him a chance to explain first? .. well, he was online today and did not reply on what i asked him for what happened Saturday

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  • If he had a good reason then give him a chance but otherwise he isn't trustworthy

    • Thank you! yes i will keep that in mind

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    • I'm into this guy for like 2 months now and he is too.. we go to kick box together and i met him there... we have chemistry and we do go a long, we kiss each other on the cheek goodbye and text daily... but he blew me off the first date yesterday and am kind of worried, maybe he had a good reason and i am keeping an open mind about it... That date night was the night we might have shared our first kiss together.. tomorrow we have training, should i just kiss him there or should he make the move after he explains why he did not make it of course... please help i am really into him :(

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  • No, don't give him another chance unless he has a valid excuse (i. e. a family emergency). You deserve so much better than that.

  • Heck no. Unless he has some super good reason, but couldn't he have called you?

    • yes he could have called me, but he did not even text me after i actually went to the date and saw the movie all by myself, and not even said something the day after... and yes unless he has a good reason, then i'll give him a chance, if not then hell no!