Why is everyone else happy?

Why is everyone else so fucking happy? I'm sick of seeing everyone happy and in loving fucking relationships while I'm angry, lonely, and suicidal. I am so fucking sick of seeing people in love, in stupid relationships, nothing but hormonal animals, as I see it. I've never even been loved, ever, by anyone, haha. Even when I get close, things end up being fucked up. There's this one girl I met who I really hit it off with, haha, what a fucking joke, she's just going to screw me over like everyone else did. She'll just screw me over and my life will be fucked and I'll be alone again, just like every other fucking girl did to me, God, I just want to fucking die.


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  • For someone to love you, first you have to love yourself.
    If you don't love yourself, it won't matter how much someone loved you, you won't believe her. It will be one sided and unhealthy.

    You need to accept the world but not agree with it, including people being in love while you are not. This heals bitterness so joy can take its place. If you want to be in love, you can't be bitter towards love. For instance, a guy I'm interested in is bitter towards woman. Although I've opened up to him more than any other guy, as long as he's bitter he can't trust me and a relationship cannot happen. Did I screw him over? No it was bitterness.

    When you're depressed it blocks out the positive leaving the world looking like crap. Realistically, there are many positive things about life and you have to practice 'positive thinking' and seeing the good in life instead of focusing on the negative.

    To make you feel better, you are not alone. There are tons of other people who feel the same. Hurt people need each other for community to relate to one another and help one another heal from situations in life to recover from depression.

    If you expect girls to screw you over, you will get screwed over. If you are in a negative mind-frame, you won't see situations as they are.

    Seek to have joy through every moment of life and cast away depression.
    Love, be vulnerable; if a break-up happens, mourn (don't blame). Heal. Move on. Try again.
    Eventually you will be surprised by an excellent mate. But you have to do the foot wo


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  • Don't go into it thinking she will screw you over, just enjoy where things are right now and don't dwell on the past. Maybe you're choosing the wrong kinds of girls? But don't give up. Just enjoy life right now and things will fall into place. Focus on your interests, join a group with similar ones, and focus on enjoying your life. Don't focus on shitty people, and most of all don't let the pain in world make you cold and heartless. It truly is a skill when someone has been through hell, but can still be kind and a great person. Don't let anything hold you back from happiness.

    • Thanks, I'll try, it's just, looking back, I have nothing but pain in my past.

    • Yup.. I used to be the same way, still struggling with depression, but I just have to remind myself to live in the moment. and not let the past affect what good things I can make out of the present. Sounds cheesy and stupid, because I hate that shit but it's important.

    • Also remember that no one is perfectly happy. There's an illusion created on the internet, where everyone seeks to look like the luckiest/happiest person ever but it's not real. Fake smiles everywhere you go.

  • People aren't really fucking happy at all. Everyone plays their part in this weird pantomime. But deep down everyone is as empty and as lost as u are

  • Every bodies in a relationship and I'm just here like"I like that tree... that's a nice tree"

  • And u know what I'm so f*cken tired of?
    Fucken fake dudes, making u fall in love with them, and then, lie to u, make u feel so fucken awesome but in fact, u are, they just make u realize it every time they break u
    AnYway... please don't kill yourself, ur worth too much
    And I know life can a such a bitch
    But please just preserve, I don't know you, and I don't think I can help u, but please just preserve,
    You are worth more than you can ever imagine,


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