How much time should I give him before I move on?

Myself and my boyfriend broke up a week ago, today I contacted him back and said I wanted to work on things because trying to make things better instead of walking away is something I want as he's important to me and I would rather say I tried then just walk away from him.

To me, he didn't seem to enthusiastic, the conversation lasted a few hours, mainly going in circles, him saying well "if you want to move on I won't stand in your way" and me saying that I didn't want to as I love him.

At the end he said he needs to think about everything. So how much time should I give him? Should I wait for him to contact me? And if he doesn't just move on?

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  • If you care, I think you owe it to yourself to try some more. But give it some time, and realise that it is going to be hard at times.
    Try as hard as you can not to get too hung up on "making it work no matter what". What you're aiming for is to see how possible it is to keep making it work... and nobody can pull the whole cart by themselves. It takes two :)

    • That's true- thanks. I just get the impression that he doesn't care anymore. I asked if he missed me and he said that it's irrelevant. What do you think he meant by that? He can't never be direct with me about things like this.

    • I think it means that he doesn't (otherwise he'd say he would), but he doesn't want to hurt you by saying that. I've been in that position myself. But there's a difference between being a nice person and not wanting to hurt someone you know, and wanting to be with someone :/

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  • Didn't vote. Start shopping round dating sites while you wait a week or so.

    Darling, you sound like a very loving and caring girl. If someone loves you, it does not take a week to decide they love you.

    Sounds like it is headed downhill. Better plan for a move-on. But keep an open mind for a few days in case he comes to his senses.

  • Wait for a month
    if he doesn't gets back to you, move on

  • give him a week, or 2 tops.
    then if he still has not contacted you, let him know you are moving on.
    nobody likes to be kept in the dark when the other is standing next to the light switch

    • Exactly. I will give him two weeks and if I haven't heard from him during that time- I'm moving on! Thanks for your advice

    • pleasure, hope it all works out :3

    • Thanks- me too, either way il find happiness

What Girls Said 2

  • Many times Over, just because two people Breakup doesn't mean they can't and don't Makeup and that it is Goodbye, my love forever. And with an EX that may still Mark an X in your own heart, being it is still fresh, he hasn't had enough time to really Miss the Kiss just yet and with This----Absence may just make the heart grow fonder, sweetie.
    Give him some time to do some serious soul searching. He needs this time, this space right now to see what he is feeling from the reeling that you both just 'Broke up.' For now, do your own soul searching, lick a few war wounds that may be stinging, not exactly singing right now.
    If you don't hear anything in a few weeks, get back to him with a text of "Hi, how are you doing?' Take it from there.
    The only real thing you can do at this point in time, should he continue hymning and hawing, is tell him if he feels like this and doesn't sound like getting on the dance floor with you right now anyways, maybe you both could be friends at least.
    Many times this is the case after a break up. One or both decide to try buds. This gives them a chance to be free to fly and at the same time, maybe Try----A friends with benefits factor down the line.
    That, of course, would be your choice, your call, should he come straight out and tell you this is what he really wants. And if so, it's something you need to Really think over, for this little Relationship may not guarantee to get you anywhere and could lead down a beaten path of Goin------Nowhere.
    Good luck. xx

  • he doesn't seem interested and i think you're just waiting around for heartbreak but if u really want to, u could give him a few weeks space maye

    • I get that feeling also, why didn't he just be direct about it instead of "giving me false hope" I don't get it.

    • because some men just aren't built that way and he might not wanna hurt ypu. but truthfully, most men will do anything to avoid an awkward situation/confrontation

    • Thanks. I might just move on then.. Putting things together it's probably what he actually wants anyway.

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