How do I tell some one I love them so much but they say I don't?

A girl I truly love. I keep telling her I love her. I keep thinking about her. I get emotional about her. I've known her for years. Just friends at first. She likes me. She keeps saying I don't love her. Love is an idea in my head. How do I prove to her I do genuinely love her. I've tried flowers, gifts, poems. Spoken to her how much she means deep down.
Just so frustrating how I can prove my love. She previously got so hurt in a relationship where she has to be admitted to hospital for depression. She's ok now. But she doesn't believe me. Do I just grab her & kiss her on the lips. I don't know anymore. Thanks for any ideas.


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  • Hm, stalking. Nice.

    • No she knows I'm not a stalker. I only see her once in 2-3 months. I know where she lives but never been there. But usually see her & chat where she works. Have coffee etc.

    • This is good.

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