I want to contact my ex, should I?

It has been 2 months since we went no contact. We bumped into each other briefly and exchanged hardly anything. However, when it was over. He wanted to be friends... I refused saying I deserve better. I didn't realise that moving on would be so tough, it was always much easier before. My pain only gets worse and I am thinking I should perhaps follow my heart and contact him.

There are two ways of looking at it:
- He said he can't imagine losing but just can't have a relationship with me (4yrs younger to me) because he isn't in a place where he can commit. I said no, i want to forget ever meeting you and we stop talking. he could be respecting my choice and leaving it up to me whether or not I want to be with him.
- OR since he rejected me, if he cares and wants to fix what he did.. it should be him to contact me first.

Any insight into what you think is right? Should I continue working through it or should I message him?


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