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Hi everyone, I have been here in US for two years now, while I was in High school i focused a lot on my career, and I didn't make a lot of friends then my dad got a job in another city an as soon as I finished High school we moved. In my career I spend most of time at home and even though i have met girls at my job they are not my type at all. I think I'm in a moment of my life where I really want a serious relationship and probably you guys are gonna think that I'm looking for the perfect girl, not really I just looking someone to have fun with, spend time at home, go out.

Any Opinions?


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  • You can try a dating site or just get involved on activities in your home town.

    Or you could give an older girl a shot... how YOU doin'? You are a nice looking guy. All kidding aside, you will have no troubles meeting girls in clubs or wherever.

  • Well, you should try going out more. Like join a club/social activity. Or go on bars/clubs? Or you can use tinder. Isn't that famous in the US?


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