Help! Tough question to ask my girlfriend!!! I need help!

I have an amazing girl and I like her a lot. However, we have been dating for 7 months and its rough because she is very social and whenever we hang out except for dinner dates it has to be some event first and then we hang out after. I love social events too, but I work 30 hours a week and have 6 college classes so when I rarely do see her, I'm always second to her events. I have missed countless hours of sleep just to talk with her and help her out but she just doesn't do it for me. I'm talking to her tonight about it. What should I say? I love her, she loves me, but this is just something we need to work through.


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  • Seems like she's pretty busy..
    But anyways there should be equal involvement required from both ends to balance any relationship.
    So it becomes important fr u to tell ur agony.
    N u might as well consider that u shud nt b comparing d things u do fr her.
    It isn't right coz it would just b a business - give n take policy.
    But if it is annoying u much ; u might as well communicate n clear d air.

    See for d right opportunity , the time wen u both are in good mood. Just slip in telling that u wer thinking to ask this from a while n wen she asks u to tell... Tel her nt to be upset n tell that just to have a healthy communication in your relationship u r bringing this up n tell what u r longing to ask..
    Gud luck


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  • Not considering your efforts and schedule thats not mutual love.

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