Why does he want to hang out now?

I went on a few dates with a guy and we clicked but it kinda fell into a casual hook up thing. I sent a drunk text to him over the weekend basically saying that that wasn't really what I was looking for and that if he just wanted sex he should find someone else. Obviously I so wish I hadn't!! He replied pretty much straight away saying that I should sleep on it and we could hang out over the weekend. The next morning I text him to apologise and he said it was fine and asked when I could hang out together and watch a movie.

I'm really confused about what this means? Is this just him being polite so that I'll keep hooking up with him? Does he mean a date? Or does he just mean hanging out as friends?


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  • You became a challenge to him. Easy girls are boring. You hooking up then saying (even after drinking) "Youre not the one for me" made him go "OH YEA?" and now he is on a mission to land you in bed one more time to prove himself. If you don't sleep with him now he will never have closure and quite possible develop a stutter :D

    Real story.

  • Just go hang out and find out.


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