Are we both too stupid to make things happen?

I got sick of wondering if this guy liked me who has stared at me in class all semester and "accidently" bumps into my shoulder, etc. but doesn't really talk to me and so I found a way to give him my #.

He texted me the next night and I could actually laugh out loud at our conversation because I've been crushing on this guy so hard and finally get to this point and I completely rejected him when he asked me to hangout. He asked me I wanted to come over and watch a movie and my roommate convinced me was a gross guy who just wanted to hookup so I told him "Ehhh I don't really feel like watching a movie" and he said "Alright never mind" so I said "Okay! I guess I'll see you in class!" but my friends in the class with me and him told me that she just doesn't know the background and that I completely shot him down. lol so then I felt bad and the next day asked him if he wanted to get coffee or something that night but he told me he was kind of busy and maybe another time and I was fine with that! Well then, that night he texted me again...

Him: Have you heard if (his fraternity) was doing anything tonight? Just checking
Me: (confused because shouldn't he know the answer since he's IN the fraternity?) no I have not! haha
(he doesn't respond so I text him a little later)
Are you guys doing anything?
Him: Maybe
I'll let you know
Me: Okay haha

never heard from him..

So now I'm really confused, does he like me, like what was the point for the last text messages? Hahahaha it's just funny because I've been so infatuated with him and I was mean to him about watching a movie so I blew that, then he "couldn't" go out for coffee, but then he texted me randomly asking me if I heard anything about HIS fraternity having a party...


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  • I think I saw your post last night? Maybe he actually couldn't go for coffee. Either way, see if he wants to go the party together, or if he'd like to go do something else if there isn't a party after all.


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