Is it a turn off that I don't have a defined clothing style?

there's a guy I'm talking to and I know he really likes me, but he has such a great style and look. I'm pretty attractive, but very simple with my clothing style. Like i'll wear tight fitting long-sleeves, jeggings and boots mostly with a nice jacket. Everything I wear is pretty simple and tight fitting (not unbearably, but I hate wearing things that show too much skin). But regardless, it's a very classy style, I just have dark hair and do my makeup nicely. It kinda makes me feel like I have to try to dress up more when I'm around him, and its hard because I don't have much variety in my wardrobe or the money to buy a new wardrobe... also, I suck at putting outfits together, It's not my thing and I always prefer comfort over style.

What do you think? Is it a turn off that I don't stand out with my clothing style?


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  • Don't give a shit.

    When it comes down to biz... the clothes come off as fast as humanly possible.


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  • Guys don't care! simple is good! my style isn't truly defined but I know it is simple/casual.

    • thats good to hear, i feel like so many girls around me have wayy better style than I do!