Girls when when you reject a guy, what was their rejection towards it?

Angry, smashed, embarrassment, sad, don't care etc.
Do you even felt bad or think about it after some time?


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  • I don't know because the guys have always acted unaffected.

    • I see.. I would be totally embarrassed by it cuz I would be thinken am I too ugly or something :/

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  • In my experience, the guys have been savvy and socially aware enough to not actually display those reactions in front of me.
    If the guy gave me good reason to reject him and genuinely not want him in my life then no, I'll never feel bad about it. Sometimes it's not something the guy did but I'm just not interested in dating and trying to build something with a guy at that time. It requires a ton of emotional investment and there may be more imperative things going on in my life

  • I have never rejected a guy because no guy has ever liked me but every guy that I have asked out have rejected me. So I'll say how I feel. Usually I hide it but it hurts a lot, and then if they talk about other girls I get very jealous and I think they can usually tell too.

  • they seem slightly downhearted from my experience, and faintly embarrassed but they usually hide their feelings quite well.

    • Lol and how did you react to their shame and embarrassment?

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    • your crush I was thinking :)

    • I thought... you love me too </3
      I see how it is..

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