So my close guy friend hesitated when he was asked if we were dating. What does that mean or am I overanalyzing it?

So I have a close guy friend who I've been hooking up with for a couple of monthes. We both told each other we like each other but he's moving soon and he has commitment problems. I could have sworn we had agreed it would be best if we didn't date but continued to hook up. The other day ago a coworker of ours asked as we were sitting together if we were roommates and when we said no the coworker asked us if we were together then. I instantly said no but he paused and well no. I wasn't the only one confused because the coworker who asked looked at us weird then said ok I was just asking. I texted him later and asked if he hesitated because he was shocked by the question or whatt. He responded with it was from the shock. I'm not sure if I believe him or if he used that as a quick escape because he has always had a hard time telling me how he feels and has been spending all these monthes telling me he thought of me as just a friend then turned around quickly saying he's liked me this entire time but didn't know how to say it. So confused. Help me!'


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  • Yes, of course he has conflicting feelings here. He doesn't want to be tied down, but clearly he wants more than occasional hook-ups with you.


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