Trying to lose weight by diet and exercise.. While doing this how can I attract a woman in the meantime?

Trying to lose weight by diet and exercise.. While doing this how can i attract a woman in the meantime?


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  • This is what I do when I am fat I meet her online and talk to her everyday by phone and sweet talk her and once its time to meet I make an excuse up then I know I have to do my thing so I bust my ass for the next three months and lose 50 pounds then we meet and hit it off big time.

    • Yeah but after all that sweet talk between you two she should like you for you

    • We never met before I did all of that. We had a phone relationship she just saw my pics when I was not fat I had gained weight. I had to get my gut off it was all my idea I am a Perfectionist It was hard work but it all paid off we lasted 8 years and lived together. Oh I forgot I did meet her for 10 min before... She was dropping some Valentine's day stuff off at my door step I was fat then and we kissed but before we really started hanging out I broke my ass to lose weight

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  • Be confident and that's all there is to it. Sure there are some girls who want a 6 pack on their guy, but those girls are high maintenance and not worth the headache in the end. Just be yourself and confident in the way you look, who cares if you are a little overweight. If she has a problem with that then fuck her, that's her loss and problem.

    • Thanks man.. This really helps me. Love your user name by the way

    • Hahaha no problem and thank you sir. Surprisingly you're the first person to say so.

    • I grew up in the 80s so i got the reference lol

  • by being a gentlemen
    open doors for them, buy flowers offer to pay fr their meals
    and gift them

    • You mean be a doormat? Im guessing ur being sarcastic?

    • no, i mean play by the book. Be nice and they will love you

    • Im like that naturally