Should I kiss her?

There's this girl that I've liked for a while and I think she likes me too . We've been out on different group activities and stuff and we've danced together at a dance earlier this month . Even though I've displayed a lot of interest in her and whenever I make subtle advances on her (asking her to go to the movies or asking her to dance with me) she does but I don't feel like I'm getting anywhere . What I really want is to have one of those magic moments when I kiss her and everything goes perfect and we finally become boyfriend/girlfriend . I want to do this at a dance or something like that but how do I know that she wants me to AND girls what would you do if a guy you like suddenly kissed you and what would you do if a guy you didn't like kissed you but you were friends so you didn't want to hurt his feelings ?


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  • If I liked him I would smile so hard that,that smile wouldn't come off .

    If I didn't like him I would just back away from him

    But by the sound of it she likes you dude and you should really kiss her, you'll know when the moment is right to kiss her good luck

    • Thanks that's what I wanted to hear lol !

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  • If I liked him I would be super happy

    & if I didn't I wouldn't think anything bad of it .

    i'd still be happy because kisses are cute

    But later I would let him know

    that I can't see him as more then a friend :]

    But you should totally go for it !

  • If we were friends I'd probably make a joke out of it. This gives the male friend time to play along and get out of embarrassment. If I liked the guy I'd probably have one of those knee failing moments where nothing but pure adrenaline would be helping me think:) As far as moving your relationship along..... be a little more physical. She sitting down casually come up behind and put your hand on her shoulder.


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