He likes me for my body?

I know he likes me, like a lot. We even went out on Friday .
But in between classes we see each other and he asked me to do a favor. He waned me to take a few steps and walk in front of him with him and his friends watching. I then figured out they wanted to look at my ass.
A while later, he started talking about french kissing. And every time we say bye, he kisses me on the cheek.
Why is he doing this? Does he like me just for my body?


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  • yeah he is planning to abuse you in a very very ugly way

    • Are you being sarcastic orrr?

    • im serious love, he basically made you cat walk in front of his friends which means he was showing you off to them
      U r a shiny toy for him and once he gets what he wants he wouldn't care for you

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