GIRLS ADVICE ; Why am I being friend-zoned when girls approach me first and are flirty... READ BELOW?

So I have girls /women approaching me and starting a conversation. They usually get flirty by touching my arm, thighs and play with their hair , smile and blush sometimes.

However when I talk with them for a few minutes, I get the" BROTHER " thing being put to use by them.

For instance when I talked to this woman who approached me , she was talking and asked stuff about me.

We then had a general conversation and became quiet.

Just a couple of minutes later a beggar came up and she gave some money to him.

She wanted an extra 50 cents and said, " Brother could you please spare me 50 cents ".

I knew something was not right and she also had to leave.

Girl's why do you do this?



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  • I don't think in that context she literally meant "brother" like you are friendzoned. Do you ever ask these girls out?

    • Come on bro... If she say's brother , how can I feel romantic anymore. It pisses me off that girls are doing this to me...

      Why the **** r these idiots approaching me first...

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    • What the **** was her intention if she approached me first... I just don't get it? What do you think, bro...

    • I have no clue. Maybe she's in cahoots with the panhandler, was just a drunk girl being annoying... who knows.

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  • Maybe you're attractive but then they realize you're boring. If you are the hottest person on the planet but have the personality of a walnut girls aren't going to like you. Also the friendzone is just a fancy way to indirectly say say someone was rejected. Just suck it up and call it a rejection. I've been rejected and I don't pull the friendzone card. You just have to accept that some people don't like you

    • I mean if a girl found a guy Hot she wouldn't friend-zone him even if his personality wasn't great.

      That's why I don't get why girls approach and flirt with me first...

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    • They could either like you as a dating option or a friend. Once again it depends on the person

    • This young lady, who called me " Brother" within 5 minutes of meeting her , was flirty/touchy in this way.
      The thing is I didn't say anything to her romantically to her. just being normal.

      So why would she say " Brother" when we have only met for 5 minutes.

  • I think that girls do this because they are either not I interested or just want nothing to do with you I feel that you should really talk to them and say I am not not a toy and I can't do this if not just trust your guts and do what you need to do 😍

    • Then why the **** do they approach and flirt.

      I might seriously punch the next girl who does this. To show the essence of a TRUE MAN.

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    • Well like I said follow your own parymth I'm not gonna be lime Disney and say thinks are perfect what I telling you is that with interesting moments in life like this one you won't have really anything to talk about when your older thanks and bye

    • This is not interesting at all... It's frustrating and depressing...

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  • sick of the friendzone

  • Sounds atypical.

    • Yeah bro.. I am frustrated... I wanna kill myself.

    • Rough.