Am I almost a gf or still a friend with benefits?

We started as friends with benefits . Before he said he's not emotionally ready for relationship. What we have is getting better and we are getting very close to each other. We chat during a day, we spend weekend together, he's coming on my bday, we share personal things, he thinks certain things I do are "cute".

We went to a house party organized by his not very close friend together. When he went to get drinks, our common friend asked him if we're together. He said it's "in process". The friend said "congratulations". Later, we held hands, others saw us kissing and hugging. My friends with benefits the fact of people watching us is funny.
Does it mean he sees me as a potential of being his girlfriend?

  • Yes, you are literally already his girlfriend
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  • Wait. You are about to become one
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  • He's playing around with you
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  • You are just friends with benefits , relax
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He doesn't want me to go on dates and absolutely not to sleep with other men.


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  • Wait. Nothing is for sure unless you and I sit down to talk and clear things up. It might be a stupid guy pride, not wanting others to have what's his, or he might be seriously interested in you.


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  • I don't want to disappoint you, but when a guy answers a direct question from a friend, with a dodge like 'in process', it means it's never going to go anywhere.

  • Wait and see what happens :)


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