Why is my ex interested in knowing what I do during my free time?

My ex bf broke up with 4 weeks ago, because he said he was confused about how he felt about me. He said he wasn't looking for a relationship etc. I was okay with it and told him, that if that was what he wanted then I wished him all the best. Before breaking up, he said he would want me to not to date because he needed to make up his mind and asked for two weeks of no contact. I declined that offer and said that I couldn't promise him that I wouldn't date.

Fast forward 4 weeks after and I hear from a mutual friend, that my ex is asking whether I'm seeing someone new. My friend also told me that my ex would be checking my social networking sites to find out what time I would get home during the weekends.

Why is my ex trying to find out if I'm dating or what I'm doing during the weekends?


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  • He's trying to make you out to be his play thing! Going back to you when he's ready and leaving you when you no longer interest him. But in his leave he wants you to stay loyal. Thats not fair to you. Block him from your social network accounts and tell your friends to let him know to quit bothering you. Dont degrade yourself and be with someone that values you

    • I know.. I haven't contacted him at all during this time and I'm trying to move on. I know he is trying to have it both ways.

    • Be strong! I know its a hard road since I've been there before but it'll work out in the end. You have to make sure you're happy first and foremost. Be selfish when it comes to that because life is already stressful as it is. You don't need a toxic relationship to add to it

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