Ladies, what is your dream guy or perfect guy?

Describe the perfect guy! Go!


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  • someone who is sweet respectful funny who respects me and my family, who accepts me and someone that listens and is a bit shy


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  • At least 6'1" or over, lean but not skinny, strong arms. Handsome face but not a pretty boy. Dark hair and eyes, accent a plus.

    Strong and confident in personality, needs me but not overly clingy. Not afraid to stand up to me once in a while.

    Firm handed and sure in the bedroom. Gives and receives.

    I think that sums it up. I don't ask for much :P

  • Whoever I get married to in future I guess

    But he should be:


  • There's no perfect guy, everyone has flaws so it's impossible.
    But there are certain qualities I'd look for such as honesty, loyalty, good sense of humour, mature and kind hearted.
    In my opinion, that's even too much to ask for.

  • Dark features
    Facial hair, preferably a beard
    He's laid back, even tempered

    And I don't really care about the rest.

  • A great sense of humor
    Pretty eyes
    A nice back :P
    Easy to be around and talk to

    Looks aren't really important, but an attraction does have to be there :)

  • My dream guy is someone taller than me (that's easy because I'm only 5'3"), someone I'd be attracted physically, funny, loyal and faithful. Someone I can talk about anything.

  • There is no perfect guy for me, really. Because I love guys when they mess up things, or are assholes (occasionally, not a general mood), or do stupid things, because it keeps me on my toes.

    I know I already met someone who I could've loved and lived with forever. But I let him go. Thanks to him, however, I know what I want in a relationship now...

    Someone who is equally as active as me, someone who challenges me when I'm getting haughty or full of myself, or talking about things like I know them... when I really don't (haha! bad habit), someone who likes an experimental sex life and likes sex fairly often, someone who finds me amusing and has a good sense of humor too, preferably someone who enjoys/works in drama, theater, movies, and entertainment, preferably someone who is not in a religion, someone who has the dignity and desire to take complete responsibility for their actions, someone who respects their body and eats healthy, someone who preferably likes to work out (dance, yoga, weight-lifting, cardio, whatever) and make themselves look good to the public eye, in appearance and more importantly, well-natured behavior and caring disposition (unless necessary to be otherwise, of course).

    But most importantly, someone who always wants to know the truth. No matter what, and won't stop until they do. Someone who's completely honest, even if it's blunt, or "cruel", because he knows, even if it's uncomfortable or ugly, that's the only way to be happy.

    Haha! x) I just completely described my old friend.


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