Girls do you like your guy to wear colognes?

Since growing up i was always self-consciouns about hygiene. there used to be this kid that sits next to me that never bathes. so i swore i wouldn't go one day without showering. at least thats how it started.

then when i got older and got across some money, i decided to buy a body lotion and a cologne. i bought something decent called "fahrenheit" and i loved it. then I bought another and another and another ):

Today, i have a collection thats worth over 14K (name any high end cologne) and when i name a brand, you better bet that i own most of that brand's different scents.
I can wear a different cologne every day for a moth and not repeat the same scent.

Girls what do you think of that?

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  • fruity (a friend once told me that, then i showed him the collection and he asked if i would share) lol
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these colognes are not too strong where it suffocates you.
most of them are made from a 100% natural ingredients, less likely to cause allergies.
i have collections for summer, winter spring and fall. (what I'm trying to get at i know what to wear and when)

i get compliments very now and then but i never notice guys wearing colognes except for some men from a certain culture (I'm not racist). I wonder why is it not common for men to wear it, and whether women wish their men did


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  • so where are you? id be on you in a second haha na the guy im dating has more colognes then i have perfume n i find it hot im always burying my face into his neck n chest to smell him coz he smells so good

    • haha not in Australia. you brought up a really good point. I've always had bigger collections that my exes. they didn't seem to happy about it. it was like how come i don't have something like that!

      so how would it feel if you had lets say only 10 perfumes. and your bf has over 50 colognes?

    • it doesn't bother me my man has more colognes then me its funny actually he has more shoes and clothes to and i have more dvds games and electronics then him haha figure that out

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  • Im a woman who doesn't judge someone on how they look what size they are or how much money they make but he gota smell good it has been this way since I was in high school and I can honestly say that my x boyfriends icing on the cake was how good he smelt it grips me so it does and the ones for me are paco rabbane millions and Hugo boss

  • I wouldn't date someone who smells like a garbage can, so having too many colognes wouldn't bother me. At least you don't smell like a four day old dead badger!! It would be quite cool really. If your family ask what your boyfriend liked to do you could just say "smell good"!!! :-) :-) I wouldn't worry about it!!!

  • I love specific strong, sharp colognes. for me it's a huge turn on, plus its just nice to go out with someone who smells good. It's classy in my opinion.

    • how strong you like it? clive christian strong or desert marocain strong?
      sharp as in creed?

      i like strong colognes in the winter. it suffocates me in the summer

    • For me that's really hard to say. I don't remember the names of the ones I did really like and it does smell different on each person. It's a specific smell that I just like and I can't describe and I could show you if that was possible lol. I know Swiss Army makes a cologne I just adore and I think it might be the one called unlimited, if you have ever smelled that one.

  • I don't know... it really depends on your cologne. And your natural smell.

    There is this one guy I loved that smelled amazing. But I'm fairly certain it was only his smell. I was so attracted to him, it didn't matter if he would have or not. But if he had worn a cologne that matched his scent, I might have jumped him during class.

    There was this other guy I liked that smelled awesome! Not sure what cologne he used (He told me, but for the life of me, I can't remember) I'm not gonna lie, I did want to bury my face in his shoulder a lot. But Guy #1 would get really pissed if I did. ;) Lol.

  • Well that depends. Because I don't mind. I think it's cute that you are actually trying to keep up your hygiene for me. It's a sweet gesture, but be aware of the right place. if she's a laid back girl and y'all go on a date like to a football football game or basketball game you don't want to work alone there but you don't want to smell bad either. but if you're going to a place like a restaurant is a good idea you know but if you do where so don't be too flashy with it don't overpower. I think as long as you don't have a bad bo she Won't mind.


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  • I get complimented on my scent far more often when I wear cologne. That is everything I need to know.

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