Should I ignore her for a while?

There is this girl that we dated 2 times. When i tried to make a move she said that she wants to know me better first and then move on. I text to her on Facebook. All my friend say to just kiss her but i dont see it this way. I want to know if she is ready for the kissing part. She really is a nice girl.

I want to just know if she really cares and likes me. I am afraid to play it ignorant cause i think that it will make her lose interest on me.


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  • If she says she isn't ready, she isn't ready. You only went on two dates, so it seems you're rushing things. Courtship takes getting to know each other, and just plopping a kiss on her and ignoring her isn't going to help, it'll only make it worse.

    Show her patience and willingness to work for the relationship, and you'll see her attitude change.

  • Wait until she is up fr it.
    Dont take this up too much fr she would think u r desperate..
    U don want that to happen.
    Just reach out fr her emotionally.
    N let her b ready fr things.
    Until then get to noe her


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