Breaking away from the "dating scene" and focusing on just one person?

I don't know why this is so hard for me but I'm actually really struggling with this.

I've been dating around for the last couple of months. I've met someone who I'm totally crazy about but he is newly out of a relationship and is being very cautious about jumping into anything new. I really do like him so I'm willing to wait it out a little while to see if he will want something serious with me (it's beginning to look that way).

But I just recently went out with this other guy who seems like such a great catch. We had a lot of fun and the conversation really flowed. He really sparked my interest.

I would like to see him again but I'm scared I'll miss out on the first guy. So my question, people who casually date around, was it hard for you to narrow down to the one person you really want to form a relationship with? I can't figure out why I'm so torn about what to do with both of these guys.


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  • dating doesn't mean you are in a relationship. To date mans you can date more than one person to see which one you connect with most. Date both of them see who is serious about being in a relationship. Remember you are young and have your entire life ahead of you. Don't wait on someone who doesn't know what they want or is not trying to persue a real relationship. So date both of them and let them both know you are currently dating just don't have sex with all types of guys. Don't have sex with either if them until a relationship is established


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  • yes it gets harder and harder
    the more choices you have the more confused you are

  • Date both. If either commits, go with him as long as you like both equally.

    But other things to consider beside commitment. You have to balance it all up. Good luck!

  • You aren't in a committed relationship with either, date them both. Not so hard.


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