Opinions on asking her out?

I have been debating on asking this girl out. However I am terribly afraid and nervous that she'll say no. I don't really have any big hints to go off that she will say yes. Something interesting has happened though, Three separate coworkers have told me , without me even mentioning anything about it or her, that I should ask her out. I was telling one of them I don't have anything to go off that she likes me besides she's friendly to me. He told me you don't need any signs or reasons just do it.

I feel like there should at least be some hint or vibe I get from her. What do you guys think

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  • Okay well the first thing I noticed was that she is a co-worker of yours and if the relationship doesn't end well then it could greatly effect your life at work. If I were you I would wait and get some more information on whether or not she actually has feelings for you so you don't risk the chance of you utterly humiliating yourself at work an have it be awkward for the rest of your career at that workplace.

    • Lel it doesn't have to be son awkwardf u don't take rejection to heart. I thought it was gonna be really awkward for my first experienced but it wasn't cuz. Try not to think about it. If u keep on thinken about the rejection, it will stuck on u like glue. Eitherway, life is all about rejection and exception. U should go for it and gambler rn u i in the dating game. Some will say yes and some will say no.

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  • if you can, I would ask her to coffee sometime or to a movie and see if she agrees and wants to go. if she does, that's already a sign! it may be just as friends though, so lose the term "date" and call it a meet up or something like "hey, do you wanna grab coffee with me sometime?" be careful not come off too forward, and don't be too downhearted if she declines! she might just hate coffee :) suggest something else (cinema?) and if she agrees, great! if not, don't worry! wait a while till you try again. also, you could try asking her out straight on, but try flirting with her (if you know how ;) ) to get somewhere and see if she returns it. try not to get too into the signs things, as sometimes you can become too focused on waiting for signs and gut feelings and lose sight of the objective if you like, to ask her out! hope this helps you :)


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