He said he wants to be alone, but still has feelings for me?

I was dating a guy for a month and although it doesn't sound like a long time we connected instantly. He would tell me how much he liked me, saying I'm perfect to him, he would always miss me. He even bought me gifts and paid for my car to be fixed (I refused but he did it anyway). We had sex during our time dating because it felt right.

Last week he randomly started acting distant and cold to me. He told me he wants to be alone and that he can't give his heart to me at this time because his ex hurt him really bad. I said that's fine I want to be friends and be there for you. We didn't talk until last night because I was hurt with the exception of him asking if I replaced him yet.

I messaged him last night being friendly and he was very distant and emotionless to me with short responses. Before he went to bed he texted me this "There's no reason for me to not want to be with a girl like you yet I choose to be alone. I need to figure out what's wrong with me. "

Today he texted me first but still short responses. I asked if he wanted to hang out this week he said "no but maybe in the future because I still have feelings for you right now because we had sex" he always replies to the texts immediately like he used to just short responses.

I'm so confused and really hurt because I don't know how to handle this situation. I care about him so much and don't connect with men easily so I miss him. I've been trying to talk to him like normal but he's just so cold to me. Do you think he will come around or should I stop trying to be there for him?

Thank you!


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  • He probably scared of being hurt. Just talk to him and spend time with him. if he really cares he'll come around.


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  • Then tell him so! Tell him you really like him and want to spend time with him, and that you're prepared to take it back a few steps if it makes him more comfortable. But if he still feels he needs time to "find himself", then let him do so and try to remain friendly and say hi when you bump into eachother etc! :)