Would you date me? If not, explain what turned you off about me?

Hey all, I am soul searching and trying to find out why I am still single. I would like some advice to see if there is something wrong with me so I can change. This isn't an ego thing this time.

My good characteristics
1) I love sex... a bit too much
2) I am loyal
3) I am a great cook
4) I have a well paying job
5) I am independent
6) I am submissive
7) I am fantastic in a domestic sense
8) I have a sacrifical nature and would take a bullet for you
9) I would give up my comfort to accomodate for you.
10) I am adventurous

My bad characteristics.
1) I did something extremely horrible in the past. Too horrible to mention. I will PM you if you want to know.,
2) When pushed, I have an almighty temper
3) I cannot be vulnerable
4) I am not very intelligent.
5) Sometimes, I lack compassion
6) I cannot let myself go - no matter where I am or what I am doing, I always have to look good.
4) I have pride
5) I can be insecure
6) I can be cold
7) I lack a filter and self awareness

So I have painted a picture for you. Would you date me?

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When I say temper, I normally scream a few words and slam doors


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  • i would date you... no problems... everyone has their differences and you just have to take them into consideration!


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  • Positive
    1): Not relevant in dating lol.

    1) not relevant lol
    2) Depends if you are short-tempered. I. e. how many people know you are short-tempered. If a lot of your friends know, then that's a very big turn-off.
    4) Intelligence is one thing, self-confidence and hard-work is another. I value the latter.
    5) Lack of compassion can also be a huge turn-off, maybe a deal-breaker even.
    6) As long as you're not vain or putting on too much makeup
    4) Pride is normal. If you're okay with poking fun at yourself or letting your friends laugh at/with you once in a while, that's normal, not a negative point.
    6) Cold means... emotionless? Along the lines of lack of compassion, or just not very expressive in how you're feeling?
    7) Hmm, can be overlooked with some effort.

    My feel: Yes I could date you. 50/50, depends on if you have the same interests as me and we can chat very well.

    Why I say this is, I once dated a girl EXACTLY like you. Prideful, egoistic, lack of empathy, lack of depth in knowledge. Unfortunately, she didn't possess the positive traits that you had. Like literally, all of it.

    So I'll say you stand a much better chance than her. Those negative traits, they can be overlooked. Nobody's perfect after all.

  • Yeah I don't see why not... your 'bad' points sounds similar to my personality. What could be too horrible to mention?

  • I don't know the description of the bad characteristics just lead me to belive you murdered someone... so I just I... I would prob still date you.

  • I said no and it wasn't for anything you listed. I just took a look at your profile pic and you're not really my type. Sorry.

  • Yes, bc of your good #6

    Pm me. I wanna know

  • Shoot me a message :)

  • Message me, what could possibly 5 so bad?

  • Oooh, whatd you do?

  • Yes I would :-)

  • Not my type, I prefer dominant girls, so 6) is not a good characteristic in my opinion.

  • Why not as long as you hot


What Girls Said 2

  • What did you do?

  • your update about your temper shows you're a bit immature. teenagers slam doors and scream. I wouldn't want to date someone who acts like a teenager.

    independent people do not feel the need to change everything about themselves to make their partners happy. they're definitely not submissive. work on your confidence and self-worth.

    • you're in great shape by the way, no idea why the girl below said anything about that.

    • Thank you... I am definitely researching and working on myself

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