Sophomore girl Crushing on Senior guy?

Im a sophmore and there is this really hot senior guy in one of my classes. i want to become friends with him but im super intimidated because he doesn't really talk to anyone in our class. i have no idea how i would talk to him


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  • Just go up to him and talk to him! Maybe sit next to him in class or ask him about homework in the hallway to start. If he blows you off or says something rude then he's probably not worth talking to at all. If he doesn't talk to anyone else in your class, maybe he's just as shy as you! Just maybe you'll get a great guy or a great friend- there's only one way to find out: break the ice. Be yourself and be friendly (:
    I hope that helps some. You might feel awkwardly about just going up to a kid in one of your classes and starting up a conversation, but think about it this way: if a friendly, kind guy you didn't know starting talking to you, it's not like you'd think he's weird or anything.


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  • Are you cute? If so you're golden


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