GIRLS ; If you approached a Random guy you thought was HOT/cute, why would you friend-zone him quickly in the first meeting by calling him 'BROTHER'?

Like the above question says why would you do it?

Girl's opinion. Thanks.


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  • I for one wouldn't call any guy my brother besides my actual brother, secondly I wouldn't friendzone a guy in the first meeting. I would have to know you a lot and if I felt you were like a friend then yea you would become my friend. But if I find that I don't see you as a friend and have more feelings or different feelings then I def wouldn't friendzone you


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  • Because she doesn't like him

    Not every guy you find to be attractive is going to be someone you want to date. Fyi, dating is more then a pretty face

  • I do that sometimes just because I'm a really awkward person and I never know what to say, especially if I'm not alone with that guy and other girls are around I don't wanna seem like a bitch by calling him bae or something like that

    • Thanks:) But why would you do it, if you approached him in PUBLIC...

      FOR EXAMPLE: A woman approached me and had a conversation.

      She asked questions about myself and I asked about herself. Then we had a general conversation.. a bit.

      She seemed to flirt with me'''Touching me , playing with her hair and smiling...

      She went quiet and a beggar came up for money.

      When the beggar came she wanted to give him 3.50 dollars.

      She had 3 dollars and she told me , " Brother could you please spare me 50 cents for this man" .

      I was in shock , but gave 50 cents for the beggar.

      Then she said thanks and left.

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    • She probably just didn't think about it. She might just said the first thing that came in her mind I don't think she really meant to friendzone you. I did similar things before just without thinking about it. I didn't even realised I friendzoned someone!!

    • come on... If you REALLY LIKED A GUY, would BROTHER be the first thing to pop into ur mind.

      Have you ever called a guy you FANCY , " BROTHER " IN THE FIRST MEETING, WITHOUT THINKING?

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