He said he loved me, after 3 weeks?

Okay before you start telling me that's too soon I also have to add that we've been talking for almost 6 months, just officially for 3 weeks... My family has been making a big deal and telling me it's too soon but I just want too know, is it?


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  • some people fell in love easily and perhaps he found that u are really compatible with him. I suggest to watch his actions that is more guaranteed


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  • There is no time limit on when is too soon or too late, ya feel it when ya feel it :3
    however... actions speak louder than words, so see if he actually shows you ^_^

  • don't know, I told my wife I loved her in about that time. Just date him and see! Good luck!


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  • Is he as young as you are?

    There is really no hard and fast rule, you know, about length of time that needs to go by, that is, before you say or hear those three little words.

    For the rest, actions, the way he treats you, the way you feel about him, and stuff these are all much more important things than those three words, which, nonetheless can be very nice to hear. :-)