Help love childhood crisis and I need help!!?

I am 12 and my cousin is 14 we have dated before and it was really fun i liked him since i was 10 and him also he always text me i hope you know i like you. I really want him and he want he recently broke his knee and when we are alone together I'm to move scared to say anything he always stares at me and once wemhen we went on vacation we would take walks alone and hold hands it was awesome I really want to hold his hand and other things (not sex)

  • date him its cute
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  • noo way to early
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  • undecided
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  • talk to him and see what is right
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  • he's your cousin. I mean Im sure they are some thin lines


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  • Why do you want to date your cousin, just because he is cute is no excuse, my cousin is a fucking model and I have more self-Control than that

    • U really don't have to be mean its because he cute its like he is almost exactly like me he's like me best friend I I know he will always be there for me

    • Yes, I should, you need to come to your senses and realize that you should NOT date him and you will become farther apart if you try to date him

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  • You know its not right to date family do you

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