Why is it so awkward when you meet someone new? Girls and Guys!?

So I haven't been interesting in dating lately but of course everyone needs a little attention weather it's from a male or female.

So I've recently been getting to know this guy, he's 27 a cop no kids, no drama, and he's single (that's what he told me). He seems like a pretty cool guy BUT somethings telling me it's not right. Normally I go for the guys that's very stylish because I love a guy with a sense of style. For him, he's more so a chilled and relax type of guy.

Now I can be feeling awkward and skeptical about things because he's not someone I usually would date. Am I overthinking, am I just nervous because it's not the typical standard guy I'm used to? Suggestion please 😁😊


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  • A little nervousness is normal when meeting anyone new. But yes, he's probably different from your usual crowd.

    Just keep things light with him, don't go out on a 'date.' Just meet and chat, talk about mutual friends if any, don't 'flirt' at all, and see how you get along.

  • I think it maybe just that he's different from the usuals that you date. Just go with it and if it still feels awkward and uncomfortable just tell him.


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