Cute, shy girl at my chuch, how would I approach her? (Im also a little shy)?

Ok, first off let me say that this is my FIRST time ever wanting to get into a relationship with a girl I actually like, Im 16, so I dont know how to approach her. Also her mother has been trying to get me to ask her out, and everytime I talk to her mom she always mentioning her and me together.

So to explain it all started when I first saw her at church, she was the same height as me, light skinned, nice legs, cute haircut, pretty brown eyes, and a real pretty girl over all. And due to the fact that I live in a whole another town than her, I only see her when I go to church. And when I go to church, her mom would ask me things like what high school do I go to, what college am I going to, what am I going to be when Im older, etc. But then she asked me do I have a girlfriend, and would I want to date her daughter, who was right there when she said that! All she did was blush and smile at me, while her mom kept asking me questions. Is it normal for a girls mom to ask questions like that, or is it creepy? Do you think her daughter likes me? (were the same age also), How would I ask her out? Is her mom bieng a "wingman" for her?


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  • You passed the mom test. Buy her some chocolates and give them to her the next time you see her, with a note with your contact information on it. The best you can do now.

    Good luck.


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  • Hmmm interesting I could never imagine my mum doing that lol. She probably likes you orelse she would have told her mom to stop. Just ask her out maybe ask her out on a date

    • lya, and last week when I took my stand to get baptized, she took her stand right after me. Then after church service her mom comes up to me and saisd that she took her stand because of me.

    • Go for it! Go for it! Go for it!

    • Ok dude yea you should DEFINITELY ask her out if her mom is saying all this then her mom likes you too and it's seems everything is working in your favor so yea just ask her out you've got nothing to lose and thanks for mho

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  • First of all, good choice on church girl.

    Second, just say hi and don't worry about it :)

  • Dude, if her mom is telling you to ask her out, that's a guaranteed sign that she likes you... A LOT...

    Just find a time for you two to be alone and start talking. Remember not to be nervous and to act like yourself! Good luck!