So how do u know wen u take the step from just dating to being in a relationship?

so i was just wondering how do u know wen u have gone from just dating to being in a relationship? coz i've been dating this guy for nearly a month now wow time flies wen ur having fun lol n i don't know if we are still just dating or in a relationship but im leaning more to the relationship part of it coz i met a few of his friends on Friday n one of them called me his gf and he didn't say any thing really he just said yeah she's a total cutie but then he hasn't called me his gf yet so i don't know how do u know? it doesn't bother me either way really i just wanna know so i know kinda what to tell people oh n i have spent every weekend with him n stayed at his n I've stayed at his a couple of times during the week


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  • Guys know where such things are by using the rear view mirror
    so have you but now you're using the windshield, reading sign posts... like a gal.
    When he gives up dating others & says maybe you also = my idea of a relationship

    • well i dont think he's dating any other girls n he sed he feel comfortable around me and im a breath of fresh air coz im nothing like his ex coz his cat wouldn't go any where near his ex n the first time i was at his his cat was looking at me n asking me to pat her n then all his friends didn't like his ex but they like me n he sed that he's not going on any of the dating sites he was on any more and because he's older then me he was asking if that bothered me n it doesn't its just a number he's asn awesome guy so yeah i don't know thats y im leaning more to im in a relationship

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    • Love stories like these - kudos

    • no probs happy to share haha

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  • When I make a commitment I'm in a relationship.

    • well he sed to me that he hasn't been seeing other girls n im def not seein other guys I've told every 1 about him so im commiting myself to him but yeah i just wanna know so i know what to tell every 1 wen they ask me coz i feel awkward wen they ask n i dont really know the answer if they were asking me id say yes but i don't know what hed say

    • Someone else described approaching this situation by telling their significant other something to the effect of, "I'm not seeing anyone else, just wondering if you are on the same page?" It's kind of a gentle, low pressure way of broaching the subject.

    • yer we already said that to each other

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