Who gets rejected more? Men or women?

Who gets rejected more in the attraction phase of meeting someone. For example, going up to someone and asking them out, getting their number, after a first date, etc.

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  • Overwhelming, I would say men.

    1. Men are the ones usually pursuing women (not the other way around), so this sets them up for more chances of rejection

    2. Whenever a woman does pursue a man, guys are usually so flattered (even though they won't admit it) by the effort that they will not reject the woman.


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What Girls Said 2

  • I say men because if your ugly, your screwed. ( I'm just kidding but just men are more rejected in my opinion. )

  • I say men because majority of the time men ask the women out. . .


What Guys Said 1

  • Men, by a huge margin.

    • I wonder what the rejection rate is for men

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    • What about like a phone number or date? How many people are flat out asking for sex?

    • Asking for sex directly, not likely. But I suspect the ratio of rejection would be about the same (men rejected far more than women).

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