What Should I do.. Am I used like a doormat?

I am studying mba and lives in hostel. There is a girl in same college who i like very much and she knows about it very well. The point is that she had past relationship in which the guy left her. she considers me as a bestest friend. she likes to b in company with me.. we go out on weekends alone hv fun. njoy each other company.. As per her i m the perfect guy whom she wanted but not me. She gave 3 reasons 1. She is not able to imagine me at that place. 2. Prior exp..3. Age ( i m 27 n she is 21). She can't even live without talking or seeing me for 1 day... i had always made her feel special n she loves the fact how i treat her n knows my true feelings about her... she doesn't want to loose me.. But she is nt ready for relationship.. she is emotionally attached to me.. And one more thing that we friends were a group of 10 people.. n now no one is together.. there was 1 more friend who had same feelings for her she told me about this. earlier she used to balance both of us out. but now the other guy has left her n is with other girl n she felt very bad... she does not want to loose me.. she feels the pain if i get hurt.. if i dont reply she calls me asap. now i m nt sure is she just using me like a doormat. using me to get her mba degree in a good way. when i dont talk to her she comes back n initiates the talk.. tells me everything about everyone.. nything she would tell me. i hv done everything to make her feel special in short nvr allowed smile to go away from her face at every cost to every limit for past 3 months after confessing and 3 months before confessing. i really like her truly.. now pls guide me what should i do. will she be ever interested in me.. is she using me. am i doormat to her.. should i continue the same way.. should i forget her completely. we study in same college. have to live in same campus hostels. we r together all day n calls n text each othr very often. fr hrs we keep talking to each other. go fr day out on sat alone n njoy.

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  • if you feel like she is holding you back from being in any relationship, then yes you need to leave her. however, if you feel like you could remain friends with her and still be hunting for "that one", then do that.


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  • If your romantically interested in her and she isn't in you, leave her. You will be nothing but a doormat. Don't stay in a relationship you get nothing out of.


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  • Continue the same way and try not to make her distract you from your studies (aka be cool and don't be insecure, just be yourself)... Be chivalrous... Use your skills creatively to build a rosy future

    Et voilĂ ! You got her!

    That's the strategy I'm currently following to impress my beloved crush

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