I get to know a girl, go on a few dates, then get left hanging. Guys and gals, I need your opinions!?

I met a gal about a month ago, at a bar I frequent, she asked for my number and we started texting back and forth. We went on a couple dates and had a great time! The more I got to know her, the more I liked her. The only downside, was that she was recently divorced and had a young daughter. I'm single with no kids, so this was a first for me. On top of that, She lived an hour away. I decided to look past this and give it a shot with her, anyways.

We continued texting back and forth for another week, and she would send "I miss you" and " I wish you were here" texts. I found them flattering, but kind of odd coming from someone I just met. Maybe she's just really into me, right? In the mean time, I would try and call her and get text responses back. She said she's quite busy and doesn't talk on the phone much. In the last week, the conversation started to get boring and it seemed like I was always the one engaging it. I had a lot on my mind, and I finally got the nerve to to ask her where she saw us going. I had this doubt that it would even work, considering she told me she still had issues with her ex and other things going on in her life. I had to get this out in the open, and she seemed to understand where I was coming from. She told me she wanted to continue seeing me and that some day, she'd like to take things further.

We end up going on another date Fri night, this time she had to stay in town, because she was flying to Cali for vacation the next morning. We go to the bar we first met at. This time around, it seemed like something was off with her. There was a lot of awkward silence, and she ends up leaving not even an hour later. I text her the next day and ask her how her flight was, no response. Send another text Sunday, no response. I come to find out, that she even unfriended me on Facebook. All this happened to go down in the last couple of days. What is going on with her? I'm really lost for words right now! Move on and cut my losses?


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  • Yes, move on. The time immediately after a divorce (like a year++) Is often confusing and a person is trying to figure themselves out - newly single, with all of the challenges and opportunities that brings. My guess is she is still processing things. Good luck!

  • Move on and cut my losses?

    Goddamn... can it be any clearer?

    If a glutton for punishment then stay with her.