Should I mention it too him?

Should I tell him what I've done?

I've been with current partner coming up too 3 months everything's fab and amazing and so perfect and he's so attentive too my needs and always makes time for me! however I dont know his last name or have as a friend on fb, I haven't asked him either of these things but I just assumed he didn't have it, however I know now that he does, is this something I should be concerned over?

Also staying with the fb thing, the other day I changed the relationship status thingy from single too in a relationship as its the truth and I felt that it was the right time, however we haven't discussed going public or putting it on fb. Should I have done this without telling him? Should I remove it? Will he be annoyed abd angry when I do tell him?

Thoughts pleas


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  • You fuck him for 3 months and don't know his last name?

    C'mon, you have bigger prob than worrying about FB darling.

    • Actually fyi I haven't fucked him and I just haven't felt a need too know his last name and like that was important

  • Fuck Facebook live your life in the real world. Who cares about what strangers on the Internet think?


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