Talking to a senior girl as a freshman?

talking to a senior girl as a freshman? There's this girl in my school thats a senior. She's really pretty and shorter than me (im about 5'4") we talked for a while at the cast party for our show (she was stage crew) we seemed to really be hitting it off and she was really nice. She even seemed to be hitting on me a little bit. A lot of people say that I'm more mature than the rest of my class and they always think that I'm older than I actually am. But my question is, how should I initiate talking to her? I have a general idea but what should I say? Please help!.


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  • Honestly, you should confront her about your feelings. When I was in high school, I always got along with guys younger than me. I didn't necessarily had feeling for them but I just really felt a connection with them. There was actually a guy one year younger than me that confronted me about his feelings. I simply told him I didn't feel the same for him. Afterwards everything was normal. I actually felt bad talking to him because I knew he liked me. But other than that everything went normal. We are still great friends and I ask him about the girls he's been dating, girls he likes, and I give him advice.


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  • Honestly just talk and flirt. Use her as practice because she is graduating soon.